Weekly Spotlight: Exposed


Welcome to the weekly spotlight. Showing a different game every week so you can find more games to play. First up on the list is Overworld Games‘ latest Kickstarter offering, Exposed.

Hit the jump for the details.

Exposed is a 2-6 player deduction game where everyone has a secret identity and are trying to steal wallets without getting caught. Be the first thief to steal 7 wallets or the last one to be caught and win!

What’s included in the game.

This isn’t this companies first time out in the waters, they know how to do a project right. Not to bombard you with too many pledge options, there are only 4 options that give you a copy of the game. Most of the expensive ones let’s you be a part of the game or have part a piece of the game to put on your desk.

Same goes with the stretch goals. Most companies go overboard with adding more content. Overworld Games knows how to do it right and adds new characters with abilities based on what is broken/reached.

There is still some time left to back the project before it ends (May 8, 12:30PM ET). You can support it and find out more about Exposed on its Kickstarter page.

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