ITTD and NonTraditional Board Games


International Tabletop Day is upon us! April 30th, many retailers will be hosting events and so will NonTraditional Board Games at the Silver Spring Library. We have some goodies and a few games to play so hit the jump for more details.

A few tables will be set up to showcase select games. They will be picked to let people see the variety of games that are out there. Learn how to play a few rounds or play a whole games, the choice is yours.

Now for the good stuff I’m sure you are anxious to know. Game companies and a local store have been very generous and have given us some goodies to raffle off. Here is a list of what you can potentially win.

You do not need to be at the event the whole time to win the prizes but they will be pick up only and will not be mailed out.

For more information on the event and if you want to RSVP, check out the MeetUp Page.

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