Good Dice, Bad Dice

There are so many types of dice out there. Different colors, sizes, shapes, and of course sides. It is typically considered a big part of the gaming world. While it is easy to have a game without dice, if a game does have dice, they should be nice. But what makes a good and bad pair of dice?

Let’s talk about some dice!

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Rising 5: My Pandemic Killer

Pandemic is considered by some to be a staple in one’s board game collection. It is easy to play, can be challenging, and cooperative. But as I’ve expressed earlier about the game and being very unimpressed with Pandemic Legacy Season 1, the game is not in my collection. That is why I was excited when I got this game.

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It’s Happening! Imperial Assault App

I’ve been waiting for this thing for awhile. After the announcement/release of the Descent app that let’s you play the campaign without a DM, my only wish was it to come out for Imperial Assault. Heck, just keeping track of everything would be a lifesaver. Then Fantasy Flight Games released Mansions of Madness Second Edition which did an incredible job with the app experience.

And now we finally have it for Imperial Assault. It is not said to replace the base game or skirmish mode but be another way to play it. Can’t wait to try this out.

“Is this a cool game or am I just a sucker for gimmicks?”: A story of poor impulse control and severe susceptibility to advertising.

By Robin

I’m currently spending my evening scouring Kickstarter for new games to overspend on. This is my ideal shopping strategy, as it costs nothing right now and is only a financial burden to Future Robin. Whatever, she can deal with it. She’s older and wiser and presumably richer than me. Besides, if the game isn’t funded then I get all the fun of purchasing something without having to follow through. The problem is that I am a sucker. I will play any game that strikes my fancy, and my fancy is easily struck. (Stricken?) Here are some games I have funded/purchased or am considering, and I honestly just need a grown up to tell me if I am making good choices.

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HEX Adventures: The First Pyramid – Part 7

The adventurers came across a new humanoid creature. It was friendly and traded with them. But they must press on, they can’t go back so they need go deeper into the cave. Will our group heed the warning of the new creature? What danger could lie ahead?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this adventure. As mentioned before, this is the last RPG for 2017. I hope to start up a new on in early 2018 as well as other podcast goodies to fill in the gaps.

Stream/DL them here: SoundCloud / iTunes / GooglePlay / Stitcher

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Buy Some Games, Support Your FLGS!

Hey all! It is Black Friday and that means people punching each other in the face for a telev…err, i mean buying tons of stuff for friends, family, and of course yourself! Regardless of your actions and motives, remember that Saturday is Small Business Saturday.

Your Friendly Local Game Store definitely fits the bill for a small business. So before you blow your budget on the big stores, set some money aside to support them. I know I’m planning to head to mine and pick up a few goodies!

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RPG Hiatus

I mentioned in the recent Nothing Fancy video but if you missed it, the weekly RPG Dramas will be taking a little hiatus. There is one more HEX episode to be edited for 2017. Sadly it will not air this Friday. So slightly early hiatus, followed by  an episode, followed by more of a hiatus to finish out the year.

I’m hoping the hiatus doesn’t extend too far into January but I’ll keep you posted on when to expect more episodes.

In the meantime, check out my PAXunplugged interview from this past weekend. It isn’t an RPG but there is some good stuff about upcoming/existing.

Let's Play Some Games!